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Who we are

The Enel Group is a multinational company which was founded in Italy, where we have gained substantial experience in the world of renewables, innovation, and social responsibility. In 60 years, we have grown and taken our business to 29 countries. Today we find ourselves at the dawning of a new era of sustainable and open energy that can improve the lives of everyone.

What we do

The Group’s total capacity is more than 89 GW of energy, about 82% of which is zero-emission, and we distribute it over a network of 1.9 million kilometers, supplying it to more than 60 million households and businesses. At the same time, we innovate and promote the infrastructures and technologies that enable social, economic, and environmental progress throughout the world.

What we are committed to

Producing clean energy from renewable sources is only the first step towards a model of sustainable development. In order to build this model, we are constantly innovating and learning from the outside world. We strive every day to create shared value in the communities in which we are present.

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