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Supplying the energy you need is just one of the services we offer. We provide the solutions to power electric vehicles and smart cities, to make IoT work, to bring you renewable energy – and to transform the way we use it.

Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation

Enel Green Power manages one of our greatest strengths – the production of energy from renewable sources

With more than 63 GW of capacity, we are supplying increasing quantities of sustainable energy. With a combination of advanced renewable energy and storage technologies, we are able to develop solutions to almost every type of enterprise.


Our innovative solar photovoltaic technologies are making solar energy viable in more and more parts of the world.


Wind farms account for approximately one quarter of our renewable capacity and continue to be one of our fastest growing renewable technologies.


This is an important part of our capacity and our legacy. Starting with the world’s first geothermal plant in Larderello, near Pisa, today we continue to innovate geothermal technology for the entire industry.


More than 50 years ago our first hydro-electric power plant was a milestone in sustainable energy production. Now it is our biggest source of renewable energy.

Thermal Generation

Not only do we distribute and sell electricity, we also place sustainability at the center of our strategy. With a capacity of approximately 26 GW, our plants guarantee unprecedented but constantly improving operative efficiency and environmental performance.

New technologies

To speed up the energy transition we are transforming plants that use traditional technologies into hybrid power plants that integrate multiple technologies, for example, renewables with hydrogen or energy storage.

The energy transition

Our aim is to achieve complete decarbonization by 2040. We are gradually reducing the contribution from coal to zero: the closure of all coal-fired plants, originally planned for 2030, will be completed ahead of schedule, in 2027. We intend to lead the transition towards a fully decarbonized society, thereby enabling stakeholders to have access to renewable energy so that they can live sustainably.

Enel Grids

We’re committed to make electricity distribution grids increasingly digital and resilient in all the Countries we operate. Our infrastructure has over 1.9 million kilometers of power lines and 45.2 million smart meters deployed

The shift towards a clean-powered and electrified world requires efficient and smart electricity networks and a higher standard of grid infrastructure reliability to withstand more frequent extreme weather events associated with climate change.

As a global leader in electricity distribution, we’ve been at the forefront of digitalization and automation of power distribution grids for over 20 years, spearheading the massive development of smart meters at country-scale in Italy. We’re enabling the energy transition by focusing on operational excellence to ensure that an ever-increasing number of people have access to a reliable, interactive, efficient power distribution.



Distribution grids keep on evolving technologically to accommodate new renewable generation sources, bi-directional grid connections and innovative services provided by distributed energy resources. At the same time, they are becoming inclusive and interactive platforms, fostering collaboration among all stakeholders and the massive participation of customers through millions of small-scale renewable generation installations that are accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.


The rise in the frequency and severity of extreme weather phenomena calls for increasingly resilient grids capable of ensuring reliability and quality of service amidst the challenges of climate change. All of this while we gradually displace consumption of fossil fuels for heating, cooking or transportation, growing the reliance on the electricity vector for our everyday life. This requires critical investments in the upgrading and modernization of physical infrastructure and its digitalization.


Transitioning to an electric-centric lifestyle optimizes the overall energy system, as electric devices boast superior efficiency over those reliant on combustion fuels. However, accomplishing this goal hinges on the development of a more robust and sophisticated distribution grid that leverages advanced digital solutions and distributed intelligence to improve grid efficiency, minimize energy losses and seamlessly accommodate renewable energy sources and widespread electrification.

Enel X Global Retail

We define our business strategy according to the needs of our customers, leveraging electrification and aiming for excellent levels of service

Enel X uses technology to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress

Based on digitalization, innovation, and circular economy, we offer smart, fast, and intuitive services to enable businesses and communities to leverage integrated technological solutions. And with a constantly evolving range of products and services, we are creating new ways to improve people’s lives.

For cities

We provide municipalities with the necessary support and expertise to ensure effective and efficient urban management, from street lighting to connectivity, and electric public transport solutions.

For homes

Our services, support, and partnerships help to make life simpler and smarter – with greater security, comfort, and efficiency. 

For businesses

By understanding a business and its energy usage we can help generate new revenues, increase efficiency and sustainability, and optimize costs.

Energy Supply

We are proud to supply energy to more than 61 million homes and businesses. We are one of the electricity sector’s leading integrated operators, selling electricity and gas to companies and private individuals. And by using smart technologies, we make it easier for you to manage, reduce, and optimize your energy consumption.


With a strong presence in Italy, the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, we supplied 301 TWh to about 55 million customers in 2023.


In Italy, the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, we sold more than 8 billion cubic meters to 6.2 million customers in 2023.

Global Energy and Commodity Management

To secure a stable supply of energy, we operate in more than 29 countries working with the wholesale energy markets

Global Energy and Commodity Management is our single interface with both the financial and physical energy markets. Here we manage integrated portfolios that involve hedging activities to reduce risk and regulate energy supply. Accordingly, we offer our customers strategic services while improving sustainability.

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