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Chairman and Management team


Paolo Scaroni
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Management team

Flavio Cattaneo
Chief Executive Officer
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Holding Functions

Stefano De Angelis
Administration, Finance and Control
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Elisabetta Colacchia
People and Organization
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Nicolò Mardegan
External Relations
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Francesco Puntillo
Legal, Corporate, Regulatory and Antitrust Affairs
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Silvia Fiori
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Valerio Giardina
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Michela Mossini
CEO Office and Strategy
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Global Service Function

Stefano Ciurli
Head of ICT - Procurement - Real Estate and General Services
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Regions and Countries

Nicola Lanzetta
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José Bogas Gálvez
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Alberto De Paoli
Rest of the World
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Global Business Lines

Gianni Vittorio Armani
Enel Grids and Innovability
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Salvatore Bernabei
Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation
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Claudio Machetti
Global Energy and Commodity Management and Chief Pricing Officer
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Francesca Gostinelli
Enel X Global Retail
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